We are pleased to present our team of qualified professionals for your review and consideration. Thomas F. Reilly JR., Architect and his team have performed well for a variety of clients including public agencies, institutional, and private concerns.

Thomas F. Reilly JR., Architect leads a multi-disciplinary team of professionals including in-house architectural licensed professionals, CADD drafting, office management and clerical, and a team of structural, mechanical, electrical, and civil engineers.

Our services include:

Members of our team have developed a working relationship over several years. Each team member’s expertise compliments the other to form an efficient and effective working group whose goal is the service of our clients.

With information exchanging on a daily basis, our ability to lead the project is greatly enhanced. The flexibility inherent in a small office is carried through by networking small offices and in a team approach. Our office staff easily interacts with other team offices culminating in the ability to offer the resources of a multi disciplinary firm. All teams members operate on AutoCAD.

We conduct formal weekly meetings to discuss schedule status and the informational needs of each team member. Each project is lead by Thomas Reilly. Once a project’s team leader is appointed that
individual will be the point contact for all questions regarding that project. Tom will remain as the administrative lead for all contracts.

The consistency of personnel assigned to a project throughout the team ensures projects can adapt to design changes and produce the final product in a timely fashion based on the Owner’s schedule and priority.

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